Terrarium Workshops

Tiny Forest is one of the first and pioneering terrarium businesses in Malaysia introducing terrariums to local plant and nature lovers! We specialize in group workshops and we absolutely love our job teaching people (and children) how to create their own unique terrariums! We make it easy for you by taking care of everything. We will send our friendly and professional TF team to help with the workshop, preparing workshop site, providing tools and DIY kit for terrarium making, packaging for terrariums, even a photographer to capture all the fun!
  • Birthday parties (we provide terrarium making kits with guidance from our helpful instructors!)
  • Corporate events
  • Corporate team-building workshops
  • In Store activities ( Earth Day at Ms. Read, BMW Malaysia )
  • Terrarium Workshops for schools
  • Small group terrarium workshops for friends and family!


Please note that due to COVID19 we have stopped doing any workshops at our studio. We are moving all of our workshops online via video conferencing learning platform Tiny Class

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