About Us


Hello, welcome to Tiny Forest!
We are a family owned business from Subang Jaya, Selangor and our whole business model is built upon our love and passion for plants, home decor, succulents and cacti arrangements. We are proud to be one of the first and pioneering terrarium businesses in Malaysia to bring in the beauty of terrariums to local plant lovers! Today, we work closely with other terrarium and plant businesses in the area because we believe in sharing the love we have for plants and nature with others and growing together as plantrepreneurs! 
We have been in business since 2014 and started out as a terrarium and clothing store in SS15, Subang Jaya.
Tiny Forest specializes in custom terrarium making, vivariums, and succulents and cactus planter decoration. We also do workshops for small and large groups, this includes corporate team building programs, private parties, school programs and even for small group of friends! 

  • Corporate gifts (terrarium and plants)
  • Corporate events
  • Terrarium workshops for corporate team building
  • Custom bulk terrarium orders for weddings and corporate events
  • Terrarium supplies
  • Delivery within KL and Klang Valley
Starting 2019, Tiny Forest branched out as an plant store, selling popular indoor living plants for homes all sizes such as Sansevierias, Pothos, Philodendrons and more!
In 2020, Tiny Forest will be fully online providing delivery service by our logistics team (all of our delivery will be by hand). By February 2020 we will also be relocating to another address on the same street and our plant and terrarium studio will only be open on certain hours and based on appointments. 
Our goal is to make plant and terrarium shopping easier for our customers and creating a sustainable business model that is kinder to earth for a better, greener future for all.
We are working towards:
  • Zero plastic use, we say no to plastic packaging or bags at our studio
  • Recycling and reusing pots and paper cardboards for workshops, we send back empty plastic pots to our supplier for recycling and reuse purposes
  • Educating younger generation to appreciate nature and the circle of life
  • Less electricity use by sharing an office space
  • Less water wastage by educating our customers about watering their plants
  • Less carbon footprint - by delivering to multiple places at once and opting out mailing service, we carpool your plants to you and also to other customers
We hope you enjoy shopping on our website, we are open and reachable 24/7! For any business enquiries, don't hesitate to contact us here
Our clientele: